Monday, August 17, 2009

Level 20: Mounts? In my rogue?

It's more likely than you think!

I suppose this is my venue to discuss the last 20 levels in detail. Generally, my opinion is "Ugggggggghhhhhh."
(1) The rogue class itself seems to be extremely difficult to level, at least at this point. Only so much of the frustration can be attributed to leveling without stealth. Then again, hunter is similarly headdeskingly annoying from one to ten. On one hand, I have hope that it will get easier. Most classes, I think, have a noticeably more fluid leveling process after 30 or so, and certainly after 60. On the other, larger, more developed hand, I know one, very vocal person who lives, breathes, and eats rogue, who says that leveling one is akin to being slowly scalped and then laughed at after the process is over for thinking it was painful. This, of course, is not to mention THAT I HAVE NOT TRAINED STEALTH.
(2) Stealth would be really great right about now. While I am in the process of leveling a feral druid (ding, level 50), that character is being leveled in tandem with another druid. We are much more likely to brute force a quest than stealth to the goal. (As a side note, this druid and its crazy damage output makes me ache to think that rogue is very similar for other people.) This is my one opportunity, as I don't see myself releveling a class for any reason, to play a rogue and experience its widely hailed quest skipping ability. Although, one could argue, that this is also my one opportunity to level a class without the fundamentals of what comprises it.
(3) What happened to the 19-20 transition? Within the last month, I have leveled three characters, with slightly different routes, and all ended at 19 with nothing but orange and red quests. I suppose it's a hiccup of my previous leveling process not meshing with increased experience gains. Whatever it is, it makes that last level very unpleasant.
(4) My home is a very, very high population server. I could write my senior thesis on its twisted, jaded culture that has formed from the combination of hatred and mild distrust, but I digress! Instances are always full and even at 80, any time but early morning requires some time wiping to the door boss. I was looking forward to the gear and questions that would come from the WC group I managed to scrape together, but after over 45 minutes of trying, the group fell apart.

tl;dr: Waaaah, this is hard! BRB when the rogue is 30.


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