Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Rules

1. Do not talk about leveling without stealth.
2. Do NOT talk about leveling without stealth. (This is easy right now, as I do not have Sap or any other important mechanic that makes stealth necessary. A backstab at the beginning of combat is somewhat easy to accomplish on even hostile mobs. I will still be avoiding instances and groups.)
3. Training skills that require stealth is okay! (I figure I'm going to misclick eventually and train them anyway. They will serve as a taunting reminder of my undertaking every time I peruse my spellbook.)
4. Training stealth is NOT okay. (If I misclick and train it, I'll start over. Or stop playing WoW forever. One of those.)
5. No grinding! (Rogues are not particularly suited to this role anyway.)
6. No boosting, no help, no nothing! (Anyone can /follow a 80 and go AFK while the experience piles up. I will not rewrite that sentence not to end with a preposition.)

In short, I plan to follow my usual questing strategy and avoid instances and outside help. This is going to be fun! Right, guys? Right!

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