Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of BoAs and Men

It seems that I am at an impasse.
Having experienced an incredible, mind-blowing eight levels, I am concluding that the leveling process is not enjoyable. I am faced with the overwhelming community view of rogues being a faceroll leveling class and the reality of me barely being able to outlive a mob. Two is out of the question.
This is not a declaration of my sucking at the fine, noble, and notoriously easy class. This is my acknowledgment that leveling without stealth is not simple. It is not faceroll. It is not bathroom break compatible.
I'm moving away from the subject. The real situation here is that I recently acquired the leather BoA chest on top of the matching shoulders I already owned. These items were purchased with the express intent of leveling my 40-something druid post-3.2. However, they are rogue pieces as well and my poor rogue, already lacking the fundamentals of what composes her class, could use a little love.
But is it cheating in this endeavor? Is quickening the leveling process through outside means cheating? For instance runs and any other type of cross-account help, I've decided, yes. This is only my opinion, but it's a simple conclusion at which to arrive ("This is the kind of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put"). Partaking in boosting or what have you is a natural part of making alts. While leveling your first character, you make friends and obtain the resources to persuade others. Here, however, I think that I would not be really achieving anything by using what I have obtained on my main to pad the leveling experience of this rogue, in the respect of outside help. Should I apply this also to gear, especially when it will greatly increase my leveling speed? Well, increase my leveling speed by 20%, more or less? At this point, I have not transferred any gold to this character either. Should I continue this and play this character as the lonely, deprived character that she is, without home, companionship, or a fairly well-to-do benefactor?
This sad, sad Forsaken woman...

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